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Independent Brokers Alliance has been serving our clients since 1990 with the best Insurance products available. The company has taken care of more than 10,000 people by providing insurance, financial planning and related services during these years. Our philosophy in the business world is to place caring for our clients first and foremost. Our ethics require us to make sure that we have the best interests of our clients at heart, that means we will provide only those services that the client actually needs at the lowest possible cost.

JIm Shucart, LUTC, RFC  is the President and Founder of IBA, a full-service life, health, disability, annuity and long term care brokerage firm. Jim continues to serve as a financial planner, focusing his practice on the needs of small businesses, people planning their retirement and seniors.

  Evie Shucart, Professional artist is Jim's partner in IBA and in life. She is also a licensed insurance agent and takes care of all the organizational duties for the company. Both she and Jim are dedicated to helping people by offering services that will enhance their lives and meet their needs.


Jim and Evie love to travel when possible. Here they are enjoying a trip to Lake Tahoe.

*These services are for licensed representatives only

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